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Tokenovate excels in collaboration. Together with similar-minded companies we aim to set new standards and embrace the power of DLT for future distributed financial market infrastructure.


The standardisation of data, documentation and process as well as Open Source collaboration around financial technology will benefit all market participants. We support:
The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) is a non-profit organization for the global derivatives market, promoting safe and efficient markets through standards, advocacy, and services. We follow their guidelines for trade documentation and legal agreements.
The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) is a non-profit organisation that promotes open innovation in financial services technology. We support and contribute to their open-source projects for financial services.


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Tokenovate supports Master students at UCL
For a few months earlier this year, we supported a couple of students writing their Master’s dissertation in Financial Technology at University College London (UCL). Under the supervision of Dr Christopher Clack, who incidentally co-authored the piece that inspired Richard Baker to start Tokenovate, and with the help of our product gurus John and Stephen,…
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Facilitating smart climate action
It's clear we all have to take climate actions to drive society towards a low-carbon economy. Actually, we all have to take smart climate actions to achieve global net zero emissions and nature related commitments. Recently, the City of London Corporation launched its Global City initiative; a visionary and necessary programme to ensure London continues…
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How maturing blockchains can speed-up settlement and improve collateral management
With the growing maturity of blockchains - both in terms of available technology and public perception - is the timing now right to address the problems associated with delayed settlements? And, can blockchain-based solutions also enhance the way collateral is managed? The market problems with T+2 are well-known: inefficient, inaccurate and incomplete processes cost money,…
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Collaborating to engineer a smarter financial world

At Tokenovate, we believe that successful partnerships are key to achieving our mission. We work closely with industry leaders and innovative start-ups to build a strong ecosystem. If you think we should talk, we would love to hear from you. 

ISDA is a non-profit organization for the global derivatives market, promoting safe and efficient markets through standards, advocacy, and services.


GMEX Group is a leading financial technology company offering multi-asset exchange trading solutions, clearing, settlement, custody, and technology consulting services.


nChain is a UK-based blockchain R&D firm that creates high-performance blockchain solutions for diverse industries, including consulting services and patent portfolio management.


Enterprise Blockchain Solutions & Bespoke App Development. Specialized information, access, and expertise in the latest blockchain innovations and use cases.


TradeHeader drives the standardisation of data to streamline connectivity, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risk in financial markets.


Smart Contracts for Bitcoin SV. sCrypt is designed to facilitate writing complex smart contracts running on-chain.

Elas Digital

Elas are the industry experts in developing bespoke blockchain solutions aimed at addressing the challenges faced by business companies in different industries.


ZERO13 provides an automated AI and multi-blockchain driven aggregation ecosystem delivering trusted supply, digital issuance, trading, clearing and settlement for a range of carbon credits and related ESG real-world assets.

Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association brings together enterprises, start-ups, developers, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors in the BSV ecosystem.

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