Engineering a smarter financial world

Tokenovate is a UK-based financial services technology company providing distributed financial market infrastructure, including tokenisation and blockchain-powered smart contracts, enabling post-trade lifecycle event management of workflows for OTC and exchange traded derivatives.
What we do

Distributed financial market infrastructure

Derivatives are used for price and risk management of physical and cash settled assets. These assets often flow within their individual supply chains and novate through multiple contractual, technical and commercial states, resulting in fragmented data and workflow siloes. Tokenovate combines programmable software that controls all events and responses with a highly scalable and cost efficient distributed ledger technology (DLT) to unify and automate the end-to-end derivative trade events lifecycle. Tokenovate builds on ISDA® CDM™ and accelerates the digitisation and automation of smart digital contracts.
Tokenovate is building the next generation distributed financial market infrastructure, optimised for asset class agnostic derivatives. We are designing, developing and delivering a secure and scalable cloud-based software platform that upgrades and automates the 
management of trading lifecycle events through tokenisation and blockchain-powered smart contracts, from asset sourcing, custody and settlement to asset servicing and reporting.
The Platform
Our platform is a secure, scalable and modular multi-tenant cloud-based software solution that integrates with existing infrastructure to deliver continuous improvements.
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Digital Assets
Take advantage of our common framework for tokenising any asset workflow, including real-world assets, voluntary carbon credits and interest rate derivatives.
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Our Story
Our vision is to be at the heart of the next generation of financial market infrastructure by pioneering adoption of programmatic lifecycle event management for derivative trading.
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How we do it

Driving innovation, not disruption

The transformation journey to upgrade current financial market infrastructure is not about disrupting the existing model - it’s about continuous and iterative innovation. And during this process, it’s essential to fully respect the legal and economic contexts and fuse them with smart technology.

At Tokenovate, we support this journey by combining four key components:
Smart Contracts
Script-based conditional logic statements that execute automatically, reducing errors drastically.
Embedding industry standards through CDM, to ensure consistency & compliance.
DLT will become critical infrastructure, increasing transparency and operational efficiency.
Modular architecture delivers performance, robust security and scalable solutions.
Why Tokenovate

Unlocking capital to create additional value

Predictability:  Instant access to more precise event signals improves decision-making under uncertainty.
Productivity:  Creation of a “golden record” facilitates efficiency and faster settlements.
Reliability:  Transparency and automation reduce errors to create a “higher fidelity” status.
Compliance:  Enhanced regulatory compliance through automated controls and audit trails.
Trading Lifecycle

Transforming asset management and trading with tokenisation and blockchain technology

Costly: $20bn per year
Complex: 23 services, 20 copies
Unreliable: settlement failures, misreporting
Source: Bank of England, PWC, Cobalt, 2022

Collateral obligations total: $24tn
($18tn transferred bilaterally, and $6tn transferred via triparty)
Source: Finadium, 2022

Derivatives Market: 
$1.2 Quadrillion
Source: AvaTrade 2023

Real World Asset Tokenisation: 
$16 Trillion by 2030
Source: BCGX 2024

Partner with us

Supporting a collaborative market

Tokenovate are collaborating with a vibrant ecosystem that is developing solutions for serious market opportunities.
The derivatives industry has consistently pursued new opportunities. Despite being highly regulated, it embraces change and innovation, always ensuring that a safe and transparent market exists for all participants.

The rapid emergence of digital assets and the technologies that enable them present a significant inflection point and an enormous opportunity for cost reduction, enhanced efficiencies, increased transparency, as well as, opening the door to the next era of financial market infrastructure. We believe Tokenovate is at the heart of enabling this opportunity

Richard Baker

Founder & CEO at Tokenovate

Learn more about how Tokenovate can help you
Engage with us to explore how our platform can help to improve your trading lifecycle event management and workflows.

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