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A venture for blockchain-based autonomous digital contract technology



Design principles

Our Autonomous Digital Contracts System is built on four founding design principles:


Designed to fit seamlessly into existing regulated infrastructure, reducing the reliance on traditional manual intervention, whilst maintaining a fully compliant solution

Cost Effectiveness

Providing autonomous execution, monitoring and reporting functions, making the data available to external agencies and internal business systems, saving both time and money


Operating within fully standardized and regulated markets, our solutions can be tailored to fit clients' existing systems


Autonomous programs operating directly on BSV Blockchain provide an efficient and timely interface to business systems and external agencies, without the need for manual intervention
Our strength

Digital Contracts with the strength of BSV Blockchain


Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.


Delivering capacity increases through scalable architecture and miner configurable block sizes.


Fostering best practice change management processes, external security audits and lucrative bug bounty program.

Safe Instant Transactions

Unlocking the bricks-and-mortar merchant market and enabling new business models with micropayments and nanoservices.

Automated Contract Management

Our Digital Autonomous Contracts provide all parties with secure, efficient and transparent trading opportunities


Our digital contracts are written to BSV Blockchain and are both self-executing and immutable, once executed they cannot be modified, deleted or censored without the consent of all parties


Smart contracts allow secure transactions to be carried out without the intervention of third parties as they monitor conditions and self determine the outcomes according to pre-programmed rules


Automation reduces waiting times through self executing scripts operating directly on BSV Blockchain providing rapid execution and greater security, thereby significantly reducing transactional costs


Contracts are self-reporting, with all transactions autonomously reporting to regulatory agencies and all parties, with a full audit trail available

Derivative Markets

Significant developments have been made by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA®) in standardising the contract creation process, but the market remains a complex environment with multiple parties involved in the trading process, exchanging data, monitoring indices and regulating contracts. Tokenovate provide solutions for this market that enable ISDA® members and associates to automate the trading process with the strength, efficiency and security associated with BSV Blockchain based solutions.

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