A smart contract is a self-executing conditional logic statement with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code. Stored on the blockchain, it automatically enforces and executes the terms when predetermined conditions are met, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for intermediaries.

Legal Fidelity

A high-value derivatives transaction can span decades and involve substantial sums, necessitating strong legal protections often based on standardised ISDAs. These agreements typically include complex legal terms and multiple payments. Tokenovate’s library of smart contracts, 

A programmable smart contract is a series of digital contract templates, capable of autonomous functions, programmed with commercial, legal and operational logic to undertake an obligation.

Tokenovate’s digital asset solutions are pre-built programmable lifecycle contracts ready for use by legal, finance, compliance and trading teams to represent your hedging and risk requirements.
starting with support for interest rate derivatives and voluntary carbon credits, automate these transactions and their lifecycle events on the blockchain. 
Seamless automation makes smart contracts superior to traditional contracts, decreasing transactional risk, diminishing post trade management and reducing service costs. By deploying smart contracts, human intervention could be almost entirely eliminated, generating considerable operational savings. 
  • 1.

    Supports ISDA documentation and framework
  • 2.

    Faster transactions, fewer errors
  • 3.

    Immutable records, increased transparency
Smart contract scripts
Smart contracts scripts act as the aggregation point for consensus and attestations. They are multi-dimensional digital artefacts that exist from the moment a trade is proposed until the moment it’s concluded. Controlled using rules established at the time of its creation, each individual party is only privy to a subset of the information within. What do smart contract scripts do:

Programmatically govern the stages of the smart contract lifecycle.

At each business event, the script validates that the parties are moving the contract into the correct next state.

Business events are captured and publicly timestamped as transactions on the blockchain.

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