Creative collaboration, constructive conclusions

October 4, 2023

This week, Tokenovate and key partners gathered at the glorious University Arms in Cambridge for a few days of rich conversations, constructive workshops, and a bit of fun too. Surrounded by freshers (that is, newly arrived first year students) we successfully tapped into the youthful enthusiasm of the next generation. The main theme of the week was to assess Tokenovate’s core operating principles and product roadmap, with a view to align around a set of decisions. We called it our “Strategy Summit 2023”.

Of course, no visit to Cambridge is complete without a visit to The Eagle, the pub where Crick and Watson announced their discovery of “the secret of life”. And it is deeply rooted in our DNA to collaborate with subject matter experts within the ecosystem to advance the art of what’s possible. When we discuss difficult challenges it’s essential to turn every stone to uncover smarter ways of solving the problems we face. We are committed to operating a “broad church”, combining open minds with action-oriented behaviour.

[Note: We also checked our notion of reality, as we paid homage to the Reality Checkpoint in Parker’s Piece.]

As a start-up, it’s also important to regularly sanity-check and validate our ideas and solutions, but doing so without losing pace. During the week, we reviewed deep-level blockchain solutions, tokenisation implementations, financial market infrastructures, legal industry complexities and standards, trading lifecycle inefficiencies and requirements as well as how we as one team reach our milestones. And we also tried to establish who the top-ranking shuffle-board champion is*.

Everyone at Tokenovate is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the incredible and inspiring people of sCrypt, ELAS, TradeHeader, ISDA, nChain, BSV Association, WhatsOnChain, TAAL and KB Tech. After an energising week with friends and partners, we feel even more passionate – and optimistic – about our mission to engineer a smarter financial world.

* And the 2023 shuffle-board champion is…inconclusive.

But we do have a jolly picture of Luke playing crazy golf instead.


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