Reflections from the London Blockchain Conference 2023

June 9, 2023

On May 31, thousands of enterprise professionals joined an impressive line-up of speakers and exhibitors for the annual London Blockchain Conference. Over three packed days delegates debated, discussed and explored practical applications of blockchain utility and real-world use cases that are transforming the landscape of enterprise and government.

For Tokenovate this was the first chance to publicly present our distributed financial market infrastructure software platform and talk about how the first smart legal contracts for VCC derivative trades using ISDA definitions happened (see Bloomberg).  

Our CEO and Founder Richard Baker, along with Scott O’Maila (CEO of ISDA) and Hirander Misra (CEO of GMEX Group), took to the main stage on day one to put a spotlight on bitcoin-based smart legal contracts built for financial derivative trading. The panel covered a wide variety of topics, including how to digitise and automate derivative trading and to use the blockchain to better manage events along the entire trading lifecycle.

There were numerous fascinating speakers at the conference, from all walks of the business world. We heard new ideas and wise insights from a former Ambassador and Secretary of the Navy, Bain & Co, AWS, European Central Bank, IBM, Ericsson, University of Cambridge, The United Nations World Food Programme and many more. In addition, many promising start-ups were on show, and we predict a few of them to make waves as they address real-world challenges for enterprises and governments. For example, Web3Co2 and the Energy Index aim to re-balance the view of how to measure energy consumption on the blockchain. (Hint: it’s about transaction throughput). 

A more technical audience could listen to engaging presentations of how the underlying foundations of the blockchain enables a plethora of products that can change the world. From the fundamentals of the protocol and hash functions for integrity and efficiency, to digital asset recovery and how to unlock privacy and compliance by adopting a time-managed redactable signature system.

As we reflect on the conference, and the business as a whole, we can’t help but feel we are rapidly approaching the “iPhone-moment” for blockchain based solutions. The convergence of mature technology solutions, wider industry acceptance and adoption, will lead to a breakthrough in utility based products that will deliver real value to society.  

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