Facilitating smart climate action

September 8, 2023

It’s clear we all have to take climate actions to drive society towards a low-carbon economy. Actually, we all have to take smart climate actions to achieve global net zero emissions and nature related commitments.

Recently, the City of London Corporation launched its Global City initiative; a visionary and necessary programme to ensure London continues to lead the way in the financial world. It’s an impressive roadmap with a number of “Big Moves” driving action. Two of these big moves directly relate to sustainable growth:

  • Big move #6: create the conditions to scale and accelerate financing for a just transition towards a low-carbon economy.
  • Big move #7: scale innovative approaches to sustainable finance.

But how do you actually encourage and execute big moves toward smart climate actions? Clearly, rules and regulations, along with attractive financial incentives, will be helpful. But without new, innovative industry solutions that combat some of the technical challenges the road will be even bumpier.

Enter Tokenovate.

We’ve already written extensively about how we can deliver value for voluntary carbon credits the market (here), and shared our thoughts on CFTC’s second voluntary carbon markets convening (here).

Our ambition is to support the industry to move physical assets to become digital representations (“digital twins”), in a secure way through smart legal contracts, that also increase efficiencies (T+2 anyone?) while improving accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

By digitising and automating the trading lifecycle, Tokenovate can help the City of London – and all other cities for that matter – to create a sustainable economic future.

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